CCIE R&S CCIE Routing & Switching is the Expert level certification in the R&S track. Got any questions about the written exam? the lab exam? We can discuss them here. CCNP TSHOOT CCNP TSHOOT tests your troubleshooting skills for all topics you learned in CCNA and CCNP ROUTE/SWITCH. Got any questions about the exam? We can discuss them here. CCNP SWITCH CCNP SWITCH is one of the three CCNP Routing & Switching exams. Any questions about the exam can be discussed here. CCNP ROUTE CCNP ROUTE is one of the three CCNP Routing & Switching exams. Any questions related to the exam can be asked here. CCNA R&S Any specific CCNA Routing & Switching related questions belong here. Not sure how to prepare for the exam(s)? Want to know if you should do ICND1 and ICND2 in one exam or separately? Keep in mind we can’t discuss Exam content/questions.
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