Adam from Gdynia (Poland)


My name is Adam Makarenko and I’ve been IT Administrator from almost 15 years. I always was generalist with basic knowledge about near everything. Now it’s time to dive deeper into something and I chose networking because it was always my favorite part of my job.

I prefer to study by reading and doing labs so Networklessons looks promising and this is exactly how I’d like to gain knowledge.

I hope that one day I’ll have enough skills to try pass CCNA and maybe CCNP.

Welcome to the Forum. I have been loving it here Rene is a very good teacher and I love the labs here. Also check out the labs at They are all from Rene as well. Good luck on your journey!

Cześć Adam,

One of the things I always loved about networking / R&S is that pretty much everything is based on protocols / standards / RFCs. The time you spend studying this is well spent since it’s always useful in the future.

Good luck and if you need anything, let us know!