Alexander from Russia (Saint-Peresburg)

Hi folks!
Hi Rene Molenaar!

There is not too much I can tell you about my cisco experiences, although I got some cisco certs and even tried to pass the CCIE R&S exam.
I gave been working in IT industry over 12 years and my primary area is Routing/Switching. Planning, architecting (designing), configuring. And of course tech support for our sellers.

But things went weirdly and I had to work a lot with IP Telephony, particularly Cisco and Avaya.
I have a lot of experience with OpenSource stuff such as Astrisk and Freeswitch especially.
R&S experiences helped me out frequently especially when I had to communicate with IT guys from Telephony world and Network (IP) world. It is quite useful to know all these stuff nowadays becouse of ‘IP-ing’ everything everywhere.
Year ago my boss says that it is time to graduate CCIE R&S otherwise I will be executed. Joke of course :slight_smile:

So, regarding my Cisco experiences:
I have passed CCNA (R&S and voice/collab), CCNP (R&S and voice/collab). And since last year i have been struggling to get CCIE R&S. I had passed CCIE R&S written exam and tried to self-study. But I failed last december. My knowledge and experience is quite small especially when it comes to be “make it quiclky!”.

Surfing the Internet I frequently hit with plug of Rene`s saying ‘all other stuff will be yours when you register’ :slight_smile:
Some time ago (may be 3 or 4 years ago) I have bought “How To master CCNP Route” from Rene and I liked the way Rene explains the things. Thanks a lot, Rene!

So I bought account and here I am! Ready to learn and get more knowledge.

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Hello Alexander,
Welcome to the forum! We are excited to have you as a member. It looks like you have a great career and no plans on stopping. I’m sure you will love all of Rene’s content. If you have questions ask them in the forum! I hope to see you get a CCIE number soon and I hope you can help us less experienced engineers by answering our questions!
Thanks for Joining,

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Hello Alexander!

Welcome to Networklessons! We’re looking forward to communicating with you over the next little while to help you out with achieving your goals. We wish you success and we await your questions!


Hello Alexander,

Welcome on board :sunglasses: I’m glad to hear you like my work!

CCIE R&S is a difficult exam. There is so much stuff you have to learn. As a rule of thumb, I always tell people it takes about ~1000 hours. It takes a lot of time just to go through all topics and to lab so often until it all becomes muscle memory.

Do you have a plan / time schedule to prepare for the lab?

I always recommend to book the lab exam in advance, this makes it very real and you have a set date to work towards. It’s like a marathon, nobody would train to run 42km / 26 miles on their own if there wasn’t a set date where you have to do it :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about CCIE, let me know ok? Good luck studying for now! It’s difficult but it’s worth and it very rewarding once you complete it.