Aloha from Hawaii!

Hi, I’m Alex. Been doing IT & Networking for a little under 10 years now. Joined NetworkLessons to brush up on all things Networking & Cisco in order to prepare for the ENCOR exam and whatever comes next. Probably ENARSI, but we shall see! Happy to be here :slight_smile:

Aloha Alex!

Welcome to NetworkLessons! Great to have you with us. Thanks for sharing a little bit about your background. We wish you the best in your certification journey. We hope you find the content useful for you, and as always, if you need any help you know where to find us.

Looking forward to seeing you on the forum!


Hello Alex,

Welcome! Hawaii sounds very attractive (I’m looking outside at wet snow on a spring day).

I wish you good luck studying. You know where to find us if you need any help…