ASA configuration

I have one switch and ASA firewall. All servers are connected to the switch and the switch is connected to the ASA firewall. Each server will have it’s own vlan. Servers have to be accessed from outside. Can you please give me an idea on how to configure the ASA ? For example I have 7 separate vlans. What do I have to configure so that each server is reachable from outside ? By the way , these are not mail or web servers. It’s to access the server itself.

Thanks !!


One more thing. I understand I have to create a trunk between ASA and the switch.What I would like to know is that How to access each separate vlan from outside if I can’t translate each of them with a public ip.


OK I need one more question if anyone can help.I have set up the vlans on subinterface . I want to access these vlans from outside by using cisco annyconnect. Do I have to create two separrate annyconnect vpn ? Or can I create one ?

Ethernet 0.10
vlan 10
ip address
Ethernet 0.20
vlan 20
ip address

Hi Steve,

Here’s an example for the VLANs:

If you want to reach them from the outside then you could use NAT/PAT for this:

However, it’s probably a better idea to use a VPN. You can create one profile that is able to reach both subnets behind your ASA.