Aspiring CCIE

Good day

My name is Casper, I’m currently active in my CCIE studies and will be sitting my lab in the next couple of months. I was suppose to attend and IPexpert bootcamp in June this year…but we know what happened to them over the last month or so. Unfortunately I was a victim in this and lost a lot of money so I’m out of pocket and can’t really afford anything else so I’m hoping to use networklessons as a base for my unanswered questions and hope they can assist me in the last stretch of my journey. I really hope that Networklessons have a quick turn-around on question review and possible answers as time is very precious for me right now.

Looking forward to the interactions we might have.

Hi Casper,

First of all, welcome aboard! Very sorry to hear what happened to you with IPexpert. A bootcamp is a lot of money, I’m sorry for your loss.

I hope you aren’t too discouraged. When is your lab date? Keep going :slight_smile: If you have been studying for so long then you can do the last mile on your own!