Authentication Authorization and Accounting

Hi, my name is Yvette.
I am looking at this topic to help me with the CCNP Switch Exam. Took it on 09/24. Was not successful.

I am currently looking at a video in the Cisco Netacad Curriculum. Video My login expires on 09/30 for this security academy.
Video Title - Video Demonstration - Configure a Cisco Router to Access a AAA RADIUS Server
They use a program called WinRadius. I have never seen that program before. I think they assume that you already have seen and used that program.
Can anybody provide me with some info on that while I work on downloading the WinRadius please?
Thank You,

Hello Yvette

To be honest I personally don’t have experience with WinRadius, however, looking at the site, it is really lacking in any in depth information. You can however find some how to videos on Youtube if you search there. I believe they should more than cover your needs for the use of the software.

I’m sorry that you were unsuccessful in your CCNP Switch Exam. I wish you success in your next attempt. Good to hear that you are continuing working towards it. Best of luck!

i hope this has been helpful!