BGP Next Hop Address Tracking

Hello Dartagnan

The dampening that is described in this lesson is specific to the next hop tracking feature. The dampening here deals with a flapping next hop IP address. That is, the IGP being used continuously installs and uninstalls the next hop IP in the routing table. When that happens, the frequency with which the next hop scanning occurs is dampened. The parameters of this dampening are hardwired and cannot be changed.

BGP route dampening however, is another feature. This involves the installation and uninstallation of a BGP route. Every time this happens, a BGP update is sent, and this update has to be processed and responded to by BGP peers. This can cause disruption and instability in a BGP topology. BGP route dampening is involved in maintaining network stability when there is such an instability in the topology.

The difference between the two is somewhat nuanced, but each feature deals with a different aspect of BGP. Does that make sense?

I hope this has been helpful!