BGP Prefer eBGP over iBGP

Hello Anoop

Wow, that’s a great analogy! And it’s spot on! The only thing I would add is that BGP is a nation that is composed of two countries, iBGP and eBGP, in a similar way that the UK is composed of four. But only one of those two countries can compete for the nation.

BGP must have iBGP compete with eBGP if they both enter the national competition. eBGP will always win and will go to the world championships with an AD of 20. However, if eBGP does not enter the national competition at all, then iBGP wins by default, and it goes to the world championships with an AD of 200. So you will never have eBGP and iBGP compete at the world championships together…

Great job! I think I’ll use this analogy in the future too…

I hope this has been helpful!