Career advice: t-shoot first, then network design?

Hello Attila

When starting out in the field of network engineering, you will rarely land a job in network design. Network design requires several years of experience in other positions, and no serious company would hire someone just starting out to do network design. Typical entry-level jobs for network engineers include:

  • first level helpdesk technician, either on the phone or via email or IM
  • racking and physical installation of equipment establishing initial connectivity for more experienced engineers to connect remotely and continue configuration
  • NOC engineer, monitoring network status and reporting network performance and/or security issues

These are the types of jobs that will get you the initial job experience you will need to move on to more advanced positions. All of these tend to involve some level of troubleshooting requiring analytical thinking and systematic processing of problems that you may see on the network.

Yes, it is true. But not to worry, it is unlikely that you would land a more advanced position if you don’t have the initial background and experience from several years in these entry-level positions which involve troubleshooting and related processes. Employers would not risk it, so there is very little risk of you falling into this type of problem. Does that make sense?

I hope this has been helpful!


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