CCNP certified individual

hi everyone,


this is lambert . I am CCNP certified working towards CCIE R and S I would like to get in touch with various professionals to learn more about CISCO.

What is the best way to be in touch with cisco professionals and also rene the site editor to get more insight . Is it through e-mail or forum . can somebody mail me at and let me know

Hi Lambert,

Welcome aboard!

The best way to stay connected is through the forum. This is also where I answer questions and such.

Good luck studying CCIE R&S for now!


Another good way to meet others studying for CCIE Route/Switch is to look into the Cisco Support Forums. Read questions people post and see if you can figure out how to solve the problems yourself. If someone posts a correct answer, try to understand why that is correct. Essentially it is good to expose yourself to as much as possible – there is a lot of stuff out there!