Hi Guys,
Are there any labs available for the CCNP-RS course, if there are and i’m not seeing any please point me in the right direction.

Hello Irfan

In all of the lessons found on the site, you will find topologies being created and configurations applied. You can create your own lab topologies with each lesson using either GNS3, VIRL, or real equipment. For the CCNP-RS course, you can find these lessons under each one of the three certification exams: TSHOOT, ROUTE, and SWITCH.

Keep in mind that the CCNP Routing and Switching certification is being retired as of February 23rd 2020. It has been replaced with the CCNP ENCOR core exam, and a second concentration exam of your choice. The counterpart to the CCNP-RS course is the CCNP ENARSI exam. Lessons and content for both of these exams is currently being updated by @ReneMolenaar, so you can have the most up to date material for your studies.

If you are looking for labs that have been pre-configured for you, then you can take a look at GNS3Vault, a site devoted to providing you with a multitude of free labs and scenarios that can be downloaded and used. The labs here are relevant for all Cisco certifications.

You can find out more about additional concentration exams at this Cisco link.

I hope this has been helpful!


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Hi Laz,
Yes, that’s helpful the GNS3Vault is basically what i was looking for.


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