CEF Forwarding

"In the example above I have three routers. R3 has a loopback interface that we want to reach from R1. I will use static routes for reachability:

R1(config)#ip route
R1(config)#ip route

The first static route is to reach the loopback0 interface of R3 and points to the FastEthernet0/0 interface of R3. The second static route is required to reach network"

I don’t understand why you would configure as your next hop interface in order to get to that network. I would think that or .2 as a next hop would be sufficient to get that route to route effectively. you aren’t going to necessarily know in the case of a external resource what the IP address is of the interface that is currently inhabiting in the case of having a provider.

ip route { ip-prefix | ip-addr/ip-mask } {[ next-hop | nh-prefix ] | [ interface next-hop | nh-prefix ]} [ name nexthop-name] [ tag tag-value] [ pref ]

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