Cheers from France!

Hi everyone,
My name is jonimofo and I am a 2nd year student of computer engineering.
It turns out that I definitely prefer working around networks and systems and my very first objective is to go for the CCNA-101 RS.
I already have the Cisco books but every time I was looking for information I ended up in this website. I am here for the 1 week trial in the first time, but I definitely think that I’ll get my membership :slight_smile:

Cheers from France

Edit : I normally have updated my username so it does not show my full name, has it been replaced ? I am having troubles veryfying if. Cheers already

Bonjour Jonimofo,

Welcome onboard!

Your username on the forum is linked to the username of the main website. If you send us an email with the username you want, I’ll make sure it’s fixed ok?