Cisco Small Business Switch VLAN Configuration

Hello all,
I have an SG300-10, Confugured the VLAN’s as follows:
1 1 V
10 10 gi1-8,Po1-8 D
100 Internet gi10 S
IP Adresses: vlan 100 vlan 10
Internet is on connected to gi10
I can ping the switch from VLAN10 and VLAN 100 also with a host on it, the switch can ping the hosts on each VLAN and to the Internet GW, still I cant do inter VLAN pings neither access the internet GW.
Also if I try to set up the DHCP for the VLAN’s Network Pools, inside DHCP Server Options and adding the VLAN into the DHCP Options it asks for a code which I can’t insert cause it replys with “Selected option cannot be configured by user.” message.
Thanks in advance for your very appreciated Help.

Hello Tomas

First of all, I suggest you take a look at this lesson which details how to configure an SG300-10 switch. There you might find some information that will be helpful:

Now concerning your specific questions:

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your config. If your hosts are configured with the correct gateway (i.e. the IP of the VLAN SVI) they should communicate. Now having said that, and after some research, I see that by default, the SG300 operates in Layer 2 mode. This means that interVLAN routing is disabled. Take a look at this documentation that shows how to change this:

Hmm, that’s interesting. Can you share a screenshot of this so we can help you further?

The truth is that I don’t really like the setup of the SG300. It doesn’t seem as intuitive compared to Cisco catalyst switches. In any case, let us know how you get along so we can help you further.

I hope this has been helpful!