Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) Basic Configuration

This topic is to discuss the following lesson:

questions: do you need to configure vlans 20 and 30 on the switch? I don’t see these int the video (just vlan interfaces) and also why do you need to specify the dhcp server (switch) in the initial setup since the clients would be getting their ip addresses from the switch presumably before connecting to the wlc? Thanks.

Hello Brad

If you simply create the VLAN interface, the VLAN itself is not created automatically. You do need to create the VLANs themselves in the configuration. These have been shown in the text of the lesson, but not in the video for brevity.

As for the DHCP server, it is necessary because the access points themselves need to receive a dynamic IP address. Once that is done, they will then automatically find the WLC since they are on the same subnet/VLAN.

I hope this has been helpful!