Configuration Change Notification and Logging

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How do we send this to the syslog server? I saw a command notify syslog don’t we need an IP address?
Please clarify.


Hi Hamood,

“notify syslog” will ensure that configuration change will send messages to syslog but you will still need to configure syslog to send messages to an external syslog server. Here’s how it’s done:


Hi Rene,
Can you please give me the equivalent of these command for IOS XR?
Hope to hear from you soonest.

Hi Adekunle,

IOS XR has a similar mechanism. You can view the commit list and its changes:

RP/0/0/CPU0:ios#show configuration commit list
Mon Mar  7 11:44:19.885 UTC
SNo. Label/ID              User      Line                Client      Time Stamp
~~~~ ~~~~~~~~              ~~~~      ~~~~                ~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~
1    1000000002            cisco     con0_0_CPU0         CLI         Mon Mar  7 11:44:17 2016
2    1000000001            cisco     con0_0_CPU0         CLI         Mon Mar  7 11:43:48 2016

Above you can see two changes have been made through the CLI. Here’s what the first change looks like:

RP/0/0/CPU0:ios#show configuration commit changes 1000000001
Mon Mar  7 11:44:53.743 UTC
Building configuration...
!! IOS XR Configuration 6.0.0
interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0
 ipv4 address

In the first change, only an IPv4 address was configured on the Gigabit interface.

Hope this helps.


Hi Rene,

Coreswitch#show archive log config all provisioning
 log config
  logging enable
interface lo0
interface Loopback0
no shutdown
enable secret *****

Coreswitch#show loggi
Coreswitch#show logging
Syslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped, 0 messages rate-limited, 7 flushes, 0 overruns, xml disabled, filtering disabled)

No Active Message Discriminator.

No Inactive Message Discriminator.

    Console logging: level debugging, 129 messages logged, xml disabled,
                     filtering disabled
    Monitor logging: level debugging, 85 messages logged, xml disabled,
                     filtering disabled
        Logging to: vty2(35)
    Buffer logging:  disabled, xml disabled,
                    filtering disabled
    Exception Logging: size (4096 bytes)
    Count and timestamp logging messages: disabled
    File logging: disabled
    Persistent logging: disabled

No active filter modules.

    Trap logging: disabled

I am not able to see any logged messages send to my terminal (ssh) unlike yours
%PARSER-5-CFGLOG_LOGGEDCMD: User:console logged command:enable secret *****

I still see those interface up , down messages except the LOGGED message. Does it only send to console ?


Hi Alan,

By default, syslog will only show up on the console. Not on VTY (telnet or SSH). You can enable it by typing terminal monitor on the console.