Course Progression tracking suggestion

Hi everyone,

I thought i would make a suggestion and see what people think as i personally like to have everything “under one roof” if i can.

I currently track my progress through this site with Microsoft One note, i have a list of links to each page for each topic and then a check box (see image) for when i feel i understand the topic.

Could this feature be integrated into the website instead? it could be along the lines of the user hitting a complete button or check box when they have, read and labbed a subject and they feel they have a good understanding of the topic in question.

The main reason for making this suggestion is sometimes i log into devices or other places where getting access to and using my one note or other tracking method is a pain, if the feature was built into the site i feel this would be better.

I am currently studying for my CCNP R&S and would love to be able to monitor progress through the site


I personally think the idea is practical and pretty neat really. You’ve got my vote.


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Thanks Bill.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

Another thing to add is hitting complete could have a count to say how many times you have completed the page.