Device Programmability

Hi Sinasi,

NETCONF/RESTCONF don’t have to exclude Ansible/Netmiko. In fact, Ansible is a great way to work with NETCONF/RESTCONF.

With network automation, the CLI doesn’t work very well. It was created for humans, not scripts. You can use Ansible with regular CLI commands but you can also use it with NETCONF or RESTCONF.

Even if you use NETCONF/RESTCONF, you still need tools to talk with a device somehow. You could use a python script or something like postman. That’s great for some quick examples but not the best way to work with it every day. You could use Ansible and talk with your routers using NETCONF/RESTCONF.

RESTCONF/NETCONF are a better way to talk with your router/switch, Ansible is the tool you use.

Does that help?


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