DHCP- Experiencing weird behaviour

Wireshark image 1DHCP Wireshark log renew IP

I have attached 2 links here , Im seeing the DHCP server is directly responding to lease IP (Unicast) just after the discover packet.

Hows that possible?

Dear Ajay,

I couldn’t see the pictures that you have posted. How are you configuring the DHCP? is it on GNS3 or any other simulation.

The process of DHCP is straight forward:
DHCP Discover
DHCP Offer
DHCP Request
DHCP Acknowledge

So each request for IP from the DHCP server should go through those 4 steps.

Here a very good lesson that Rene has made which I advise you to check it: https://networklessons.com/network-services/introduction-to-dhcp/