DMVPN Dual Hub Dual Cloud

Hello Parfait

In the configuration of Hub2, the tunnel source interface is configured as GigabitEthernet 0/1. As you can see from the following diagram, you will see that the interface being used by the mGRE tunnel is indeed Gi0/1 and not Gi0/2:

Also, in the Spoke1 configuration, the ip nhrp map command must match the Hub2 Gi0/1 interface which is indeed So the configurations look correct in the lesson. Can you clarify where you see the error?

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Hi Rene

thanks for the lessons. could you please also explain how to configure Dual Hub Dual DMVPN using Ospf routing in phase 2

Hello Pushpender

After going through this lesson, as well as some of the DMVPN lessons involving OSPF routing, I suggest you attempt to create the topology yourself. It will be an excellent exercise to get you more familiar with the topology and the technologies used. As you go along, if you find you’re having difficulty, let us know and we can help you out.

Let us know how you get along!

I hope this has been helpful!


Hello, I am afraid I am having the same confusion as agouassou1 above with regards to Hub 2.

I agree the diagram shows g0/1 however from the config this seems to be part of the Tunnel 1/ISP1 cloud (, used as the source for Tunnel2. If Tunnel 2 source was re-configured to g0/2 (or the interface configs swapped) then it seems to be that would be the correct ISP (2) for tunnel 2 (

I noticed also that the second interface in the Hub configs has a config for the second cloud but do not appear to have an interface connection on the diagram.
In a dual hub, dual cloud set up, is it the case that the clouds should be effectively separate with no communication between them though DMVPN? So in the example, we wouldn’t expect connectivity from Hub loopbacks (if configured) other than through the additional network which interconnects them at R1?


Hello Jamie

You are indeed correct about the configurations, it seems that there is a slight confusion there. I will let Rene know to make any necessary corrections. As for the second link to the second cloud for each hub, that too looks strange. I will mention it to Rene as well to make any needed corrections.

Thanks for pointing these out!