DMVPN Phase 3 Basic Configuration

(Vitaly K) #22

Hello Rene,
I run 15.2(4)S5 on 7200. Is it possible to implement P3 if ip nhrp redirect failed ?

% NHRP-WARNING: 'ip nhrp redirect' failed to initialise

I looked up IOS features and Phase 3 seems supported.


(Lazaros Agapides) #23

Hello Vitaly

I was looking at the Cisco Feature Navigator and I was unable to find the 15.2(4)S5 IOS software release you mention:

Can you verify the release? Also, once that’s verified, you can use the Cisco Feature Navigator to verify that Phase 3 is supported. Let us know what you find!

Looking further into it I see that others are having similar problems when attempting to implement a similar lab using GNS3. It can be buggy, so it may be due to GNS3 and not the IOS version itself. Can you attempt it on another platform to verify?

I hope this has been helpful!


(Vitaly K) #24


I use real routers not GNS3, 7200, 2811,1841, 2921
P3 DMVPN cant be established. I will try 2921 as a hub.

The P2 config for IPSEC DMVPN (the lessons) does kill my tunnel comms. As soon as I remove IPSEC config statement from the tunnel interface it could have been reestablished with the two spokes I have.
the IPSEC wrapper breaks the membership

(Rene Molenaar) #25

Hi Vitaly,

Searching for this error message, it seems it’s related to the IOS version of the 7200 router. Did you have more luck with a more recent IOS version on your 2921?