DMVPN Phase 3 EIGRP Routing

I’m using the IOS image you said you were but for some reason when i try show ip route nhrp it doesn’t recognize “nhrp”

R2#sho ip route nhrp
Translating "nhrp"
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Also my dmvpn table looks a bit different but still says two entries only displays one line for them

R2#show dmvpn
Legend: Attrb --> S - Static, D - Dynamic, I - Incompletea
        N - NATed, L - Local, X - No Socket
        # Ent --> Number of NHRP entries with same NBMA peer

Tunnel0, Type:Spoke, NHRP Peers:2,
 # Ent  Peer NBMA Addr Peer Tunnel Add State  UpDn Tm Attrb
 ----- --------------- --------------- ----- -------- -----
     2    UP    never D
     1    UP 03:26:19 S

Last my route table doesn’t show the “%” and “H” indicators next to the routes when I configure as you did in your video.

Here is my image:
ROM: 3700 Software (C3725-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T7, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)