Dutchie in Australia

My name is Marit and I am from the Netherlands. Since two years I’m residing in Australia where I study IT and I’m also doing the CCNA R&S 1 to 4 courses in order to get CCNA certified. I study IT / networking because I want a career change. I worked at a student administration for almost 14 years in the Netherlands when I decided to quit my job and go to Australia (for family reasons). After a year in Australia I decided to stay and study again. I signed up for networklessons.com because every time I googled a CCNA-topic I ended up on this site and I really like the contents and explanations :slight_smile: . The CCNA course I’m doing at RMIT university in Melbourne is good but from experience I know that using different sources is very beneficial for a good comprehension of the topic.

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Hello Marit,

Welcome on board! :sunglasses: It’s quite a change to go from student administration and move to the other side of the world :grin:

I went to Australia in 2010, great country and so different compared to what we are used to here in The Netherlands.

For now, good luck studying. If you need any help you know where to find us!


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