EIGRP Authentication per Neighbor

Thanks for the response! very helpful to know it’s not worth trying do it!

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Can I do same for DMVPN. If yes can you please brief it.

I feel like the word frame relay and things pertaining to it should not be allowed to be mentioned anymore lol… I am ready to vote for marshal law on this item!

Hello Brian

I understand what you mean! It’s difficult to find networks where Frame Relay is still in use today. They do exist, but they are becoming rarer and rarer…

Even so, there are some features, especially of routing protocols, that can only be reviewed using non-broadcast technologies, such as EIGRP authentication per neighbor, as well as OSPF network types. For this reason, Frame Relay is still alive in Cisco certifications, because it is the most common non-broadcast technology, and it is also the easiest to emulate.

In a few years, however, even these features will be phased out of the certification exams, so patience… :slight_smile:

I hope this has been helpful!