EIGRP Hold Time and Hello Packets

Hi Rene,

In case of hybrid FR hub and spoke configuration, all with serial interfaces ( R1 is the hub router - with 2 logical sub-interfaces, one point-to-point, and another one multipoint, R2 is a spoke router for the point-to-point connection, R3,R4,R5 are the spokes for the multipoint connection). In this case, R1 point-to-point subif has different timer values (Hello: 5s) than the multipoint subif (Hello: 60s) as the latter is considered to be slower link. However all this hub-and-spoke topology is configured in one EIGRP AS (AS:100). My question is do we need to tweak the Hello/Hold Timer on point-to-point subif and make it equal to the mulitpoint subif ? Configure (hello: 60s / hold timer: 180s) on the point-to-point subif?
Moreover I have also created loopback0 interface on each router, where Hello timer is again 5s. Do I need to change loopback0 timers as well to (60s/180s) for optimal configuration?