EIGRP IP Bandwidth-Percent

Hello Narad

Typically, the bandwidth-percent feature is used for low bandwidth PVCs, with bandwidths on the order of several dozens of kilobits per second. Even the most intensive exchange of EIGRP information wouldn’t amount to more than 100 Kb/s unless you have an extremely large number of routes being exchanged using EIGRP, on the order of several thousand.

In the scenario that you are describing, the CIR for the HUB is 10 Mb/s, and that for the spokes is 1 Mb/s. I’m also assuming that you won’t have more than a dozen prefixes being exchanged between the EIGRP routers. For this reason, I don’t believe you will require the use of the EIGRP IP bandwidth-percent feature at all as these speeds are quite large compared to the amount of bandwidth you would expect EIGRP to use.

I hope this has been helpful!