EIGRP Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) Fast Reroute (FRR)

Hi Rene and staff,

i just want to add a comment about EIGRP named mode, i am discovering again through this lesson since my CCNA (to prepare CCNA i learned a little more than the blueprint)
Some students could wonder why the metric in the RIB (16000) does not match the composit metric in the EIGRP topology table which is 2 048 000: i could not remember why from my CCNA and i had to google to find the answer
EIGRP Named mode uses a 64 bit wide metric. The problem with wide metric is the RIB only supports 32 bit value. So, you could have an EIGRP metric value larger than the 32 bit value of the RIB. To solve this, the metric is scaled down by 128 (default but it can be changed)
2 048 000 / 128 = 16 000
I hope Rene and staff will agree with this comment and that helps some students that wonder about this