EIGRP Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) Fast Reroute (FRR)

Hi Rene and staff,
i did the lab tie-breaker=SRLG with my GNS3, as it is in the lesson, but with my own interfaces in GNS3

I did not have to configure srlg on R1 interfaces,
IOS on R1 install the repair path as R4 (R3 is the best FS with the lower distance)

I suppose, at this point of the configuration, R1 can’t guess that R2 and R3 belong to the same multi-segment access (?)

Is it just because of GNS3 ?

Anyway, the command srlg does not exist on my router

But my question is: why do IOS on R1 choose R4 in my case ?
it could not apply interface-disjoint because all R1 interfaces are disjoint
it could not apply SRLG because there is no configuration srlg on R1 interfaces
So it has to apply best distance to choose the FS as repair path and it did not (it prefers R4 and not R3)

Is there something that could explain this situation ?