Embedded RP IPv6 Multicast

Hello Andrew,

I already attached the configuration with couple of MCAST outputs for all the devices and topology as well. Attaching it again.
I did configure the ipv6 pim rp-address on the device that is having that ipv6 address configured on the loopback (R2-RR).

I really got confused why this is not working…If required, please post what additional outputs you need from my side

Couple of additional queries:
Regarding the format of MCAST group IPv6 address with embedded RP:
FF7<Scope>:0<RP Interface ID><HEX prefix Lenght>:<64 bit RP Prefix>:<32 bit group ID>

Do i need to put 0 all the time after the <Scope> for the next 4 bits ? Or i can put there something else as well? Will it work?

Also in all the examples i see that they use 40, so it means that the loopback on the RP device is configured with /64, am i right?
I’m asking as i know that usually loopback is configured with /128 but i didn’t find any example where 80 was used as prefix lenth for RP configuration. Do i miss something here?

In addition, i put attention that for the source (R5) i had to advertise the static ipv6 default route from (R1) so R5 can ping that MCAST IPv6 address, despite of the fact that source is participating in PIM neighborship as well, this is expected correct? As i understand, without static ipv6 default route the traffic will not be forwarded towards R1…

Also please tell me what does the configuration means: R1(config-subif)#ipv6 pim non-dr-join —> When should i use it?

I will be very thankful for your assistance.

Thanks in advance

RP-Embedded-config.rar (74.2 KB)