Encor Labs

I am new to NetworkLessons.com and I am looking for the labs for the Encor and Enarsi classes. Where would I find those?

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Hello Derek

The content of the NetworkLessons site for ENARSI and ENCOR can be found at the following course links:

In these lessons, you will find a topology for each, and the configurations used. You can follow along by creating your own topologies using GNS3, VIRL, and in some cases, Packet Tracer. The preconfigured labs are not directly available.

However you have a couple of choices. First, you can go to gns3vault.com which has many free GNS3 lab scenarios that you can use as your base labs. Find a lab that matches as much as possible, and then complete the lesson by making your adjustments.

Alternatively, you can proceed with the suggestion that Rene offers in this post:

Although it is for CCIE, the concept is the same.

I hope this has been helpful!