Gajanan studying for CCIE

Hey Everyone…

This is Gajanan. i am studying for my CCIE LAB from past 9 month [ i am already CCNA R&S,Voice +CCNP + WCNA with around 8 Years of experience in routing and switching ]. 1.5 more month left for my lab exam.

Rene- Thanks for your great writing. It really helping me for quick recap of all topics.

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Hello Gajanan,

Welcome! Only 6 weeks left. Exciting :slight_smile: is this your first attempt?


Hello Rene,

Yes i am really excited and scared at the same time. its my first attempt and this is the first time i was able to study it consistently. In 2017-2018 i studied CCIE R&S theory [ right after my CCNP- took me 3 years to pass all three exams ] part for about 8 to 9 month [Completed Routing TCP/IP volume1/2 and other books ] but could not go for lab study due to some commitments. This time i put my all efforts on just lab practice and on some theory.

Your writing and crystal clear article really helping me to revise the things. Thanks a lot for that.


Hi Gajanan,

I am glad to hear my work is useful to you. CCIE is scary. You study for so long and then you have to prove it. The passing score is high and it’s not an easy exam.

At the stage you are now in I can only recommend to lab, lab, lab and lab until you can dream any command and can convert any lab task requirements into configurations in notepad without blinking an eye.

When you have your configurations in notepad, paste them on your devices, do a quick check and move on. When the entire configuration is complete, go through the task requirements again and verify everything.


Thanks Rene for the tip. thanks for ur support

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Hey Team,

I have finally passed my CCIE lab after 1 year+ (of hard work ( 1200+ hours study). The exam was very difficult and I failed in my First attempt.but I dint have up.i started my studies again, worked hard and was able to pass the lab in second attempt.

Thank you so much Rene for your great articles.That really helped me to understand things quickly


Hi Gajan,

First of all…grats!! :partying_face: :partying_face:

It’s such a relief to see “passed” when you log into :grin:

Enjoy your well deserved rest for the moment, you earned it!


Hello Gajan

Congratulations! That’s great news, and we thank you so much for sharing that with us! We wish you success in all of your endeavours, and now with that coveted CCIE number, success is much closer than before!

Once again, congratulations on an excellent achievement!


Thank you Rene and Lazaro’s for your wishes. Network lesson is really great platform and it really helped me in the CCIE exam to revisit some of the concept I learned in the past and also helped me to learn the new things in simple way. You guys are doing great job.thank you so much for the great content

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