Greetings Everyone, I am Siva from Singapore

Who are you?
Hello Everyone, would like to introduce myself here.
My name is Siva and I am from Singapore.

What stage are you in?

  • Was preparing for CCIE R&S on and off for past 6 months but got sidetracked with other topics at work(vxlan,linux,etc). Will be focusing completely on this for now.
  • Home Lab + Rack rentals purchased and ready to hands on for upcoming weeks.

What’s your background? Any cool stories to share?

  • Helpdesk > Desktop Engineer > Network Engg > Senior Network Engg > I wonder where it ends
  • 5yrs+ in Enterprise/Campus based network, 1.5yrs in HPC(High Performance Computing), Recently started doing HFT/SP Environment/Multicast/latency related role(Challenging Stuff).

Why did you join

  • I know Rene since GNS3Vault days and used his ebooks as my main study material for CCNP R&S few yrs back.
  • Subscribed to networklessons again primarily to revise topics for CCIE R&S and other network related subjects.
  • As for why I joint networklessons, The topics are explained as simple as possible without much complexity and easier to absorb.
  • All my cisco certs has expired. For now, I’m aiming straight to CCIE R&S (Must not procrastinate!!!).
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Hello Siva!

Welcome on board!

I know what it’s like to procrastinate with CCIE. It’s easy to study a lot for a few weeks, then fizzle out since there’s so much other (interesting) stuff to do. What really helped me is just to book the exam. If you haven’t done the written yet, book the exam ASAP. Even if it’s weeks/months away, this makes it real.

Once you pass the written, do the same for the lab even if it’s 6-12 months away (I’m not sure how far in advance you can book the exams). Having a deadline really helps :grin:

Good luck studying! If there is anything, you know where to find us.


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