Greetings from Switzerland

Hello i’am Mauri
i have the CCNA finished on Okt.2019, and running to CCNP, unfortunatly i dismissed the last Exam 300-135 Tshot, dismissed about a handvoll of points :slight_smile:

Now i try to update me mind, with our Video and Instruction Material to finish now ENARSI 300-410. i the running Study-time i am big Fan from Eve and gns3.

I can tell you, that me writen Englisch are not one from the best one, but i give me beste!
Please stay @ home and Healty !!

Thanks and regards

Hello Mauri and welcome to NetworkLessons!

Great to have you with us. Congratulations on your CCNA certification. Don’t worry about the TSHOOT exam, it happens to all of us. Much of the content of the old CCNP certification is still valid so all of your studying did not go to waste.

If you have any questions or concerns you know where to find us. We wish you success on your certification journey!

Stay healthy and safe!!