Happy to Join the Forum Team

Hello every one, My name is Javier Santos,
I am happy to join “NetworkLessons” as of today, after reviewing Rene’s strategy to explain the various topic in Networking. I am an active CCNP certified and with 20 years of experience in IT working as a Network Engineer for at least 4 well recognized companies.
I feel like in this carrier if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to practice or lab out your skills you eventually will loose it, therefore I have join “NetworkLessons” because I see a very well develop way of either learning or re-refreshing yourself in your networking skills, that’s way I have join because there is always room for improvement.

Thanks you, and will stay in communication with everyone, !
Houston, Texas.

Welcome Javier!

Sounds you like you got quite some experience. It’s true that if you don’t practice, it’s easy to forget a lot of stuff. Some quick labs do help a lot though :smile:

Good luck and if there’s anything we can help with, let us know.