Hello all, just joined tonight, some starter questions

Hello all,

I passed CCNA back in 2010, so it has since expired. I’m working at a global company, we have a huge network.
I’m hoping to obtain at least CCNP level understandings with the lessons.
I mostly troubleshoot routing and firewall issues. I need to get better at packet captures and interpreting them.
I also work with F5 load balancers. I want to build a linux box at home soon, get some skills there also.

My first question is…should I be using vmware workstation pro or the vmware player with GNS3?

Hi Ken,

GNS3 makes getting packet captures pretty easy with built in wireshark capture support. It’s much faster than configuring mirror ports on switches or packet exports on routers.

VMware Workstation Player should be enough to get started with. I don’t think you will need the features of the full version to start with.