Hello from London, UK

Fell in love with Cisco! Have got Background in IT/BSc comp science. Working on network+/A+/security+ and CCNA

Planning on taking all exams once final goal is CCNP and automation route! Very fortunate I have wonderful home lab with few cisco 1941/ and 2921 with securityK9 license. couple of L3 3750v2.

I recently upgraded my Esxi server to HP 380 G9, Have a few instances of CSR v1000 which amazing to work with! I am really passionate and love virtualisation and VNF in general and Enjoying automating with off-box Python at moment(have coding experience)

With the help of this wonderful and resourceful site I am hoping to gain my CCNP cert and my dream goal of CCIE enterprise!

Virtualization+Automation(Python/IaaS e.g terraform) <——these two subjects are my favourites! (Not sure which CCNP route would take me towards those two)


Hello Taha!

Welcome to NetworkLessons! It’s great to have you with us, and it’s wonderful to see how passionate you are about networking. That’s so important when you set such high goals for yourself. Your passion makes it possible for you to achieve them! Your pretty awesome home lab will be of help too!

We wish you success in your certification and learning journey, and we hope to be able to help you along the way to getting your ultimate dream goal of CCIE enterprise!

Looking forward to seeing you on the forum!


Hello Taha,

Welcome on board! It is great to read you are so enthusiastic about networking :sunglasses:

The exams you are currently working on will help to understand all networking protocols in depth. If you can configure something on the CLI, you can learn how to automate it with tools like Terraform, Ansible, Python, etc.

The lab you have is excellent to learn a lot of things. You might like EVE-NG or Cisco’s CML 2 on your server. These two make it easy to launch network devices.

I wish you good luck studying. If you need any help you know where to find us :slight_smile: