Hello from Michigan

Hi everyone,

My name is Cameron and I am from small beach town in Michigan. I just learned about the CCNA last October from a College course and have fallen in love with networking ever since. I got my CCNA in March as well as my Security+ around the same time. Currently I am reviewing and labbing everyday for my ENARSI exam which I plan to take in either July or early August. Eventually I want to become a CCIE and a network engineer. Currently I work at Taco Bell and do IT support for a medical school + their clinic. Once I graduate next month from College I will be quitting taco bell to study more and eventually find a better job that’s not helpdesk.

Also I’m still waiting for some NL merchandise to come out :joy: :pleading_face:


Hello Cameron,

Welcome! It sounds like you are on the right track and found your passion :slight_smile: Networking is awesome of course :wink:

CCNA is one of the most difficult exams because everything is new. CCNP is quite some material, but you’ll also be learning more about things you have seen in CCNA. That’s easier than learning things from scratch.

Just keep going, learn things, study…You’ll get there! :muscle:


PS - I’ll have to think about the merchandise. Perhaps some coffee mugs / t-shirts would be nice for lab sessions :grin:

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Sounds good, I will eagerly be waiting.

I do agree with what you said, youre right. I didnt have any networking knowledge I never even heard of a switch until the end of October so it took more time to understand concepts. Now with my ENARSI studies it makes a lot more sense to me and is very easy to understand and lab because I got the fundamentals down.

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The cool thing about networking is that you can practice on your own in your lab.

Even if you don’t have any pre-knowledge, you can learn everything from home. It’s a huge advantage compared to any other kind of work.

If you are willing to put in the time to study and do labs, you can become an expert :slight_smile:

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Hi Rene,

I was wondering how your career in networking started. How long did it take you to get some of your certifications and obstacles you faced. What made you want to create networklessons?