Hello from New York

Hi everybody, my name is Dave and I live in New York City.
I joined about 2 months ago. I am busy studying for the Cisco ENARSI exam. I hope to study for the CCIE Lab after that. I am interested in also working with some Python, Linux, Wireshark, Docker etc.

I work as a System Admin for a Financial Company in New York. I hope that everybody is staying well and safe and healthy during these difficult times.

All the best, Dave

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Hello Dave,

First of all, welcome! I hope you are doing OK. NY got hit bad.

I wish you good luck studying for ENARSI. I also have a Python course btw:

It’s 99% ready, I still have to record and edit the videos so I didn’t promote it yet.


Hello Rene,
Just wanted to write a quick note and thank you for the format of your lessons. I think the format e.g an article, along with a video, as well as a lab to practice is a very straight-forward way to learn a lot of topics.
I will be sure to study your Python course after my ENARSI Exam.

Do you have any plans to create some lessons in Ansible, Chef, Puppet and cloud automation? I think some of these subjects could be helpful.

All the best, Dave

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Thank you Dave, I’m glad to hear you like it!

At the moment I only have one article with an overview of configuration management tools:

I do have an example for Ansible for Ubuntu and Cisco here:

I might add some more example for Ansible in the future. It’s a great tool, also for network engineers.


Thank you Rene, I will be sure to review.

Best Regards,

David Murphy