Hello from the desert Southwest, USA

Hi everyone I am Chris L. and am new to Cisco. I hope to learn a lot and possibly take some of the exams. I work for a k-8 school district in Arizona. Look forward to meeting many of you. I could use as much assistance as possible. My first goal is to create and configure a wireless guest network for our school district. Can anyone point me at the lessons that would help me achieve my goal?

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Hello Chris,

Welcome :slight_smile:

What wireless equipment do you currently use? Cisco has standalone access points and Wireless LAN controllers.


Hi Rene,

We have 20+ sites most with Cisco 2504 Wireless Controllers. The multiple Access points at these locations are Product No: Cisco AIR-CAP 3502/AK9-RF

Hi Chris,

Should the guest network be available to anyone (similar to McDonalds / Starbucks)?

With web authentication, the WLC blocks all IP traffic except DHCP/DNS until the user enters a username/password on the portal page. On the portal page you can add a disclaimer that all traffic is unencrypted.

On the wired side, you create a separate VLAN for this guest network so that the guest traffic is separated from any other traffic.

You also need to create an access-list that restricts the traffic from the guest network. You can do this with an ACL on the WLC: