Hello from Western MA

Hey Guys,

My name is Brian and I’m a network engineer working for MassMutual. I achieved my CCNA in early 2018 and began studying CCNP. I had to take a detour to fill a role at work, and took time off R&S in order to achieve a CWNA and Ekahau certification. Now that I have those I am going back into studying for CCNP R&S and I have been a member of this site before. Love how everything is explained without the fluff and general poor editing/proofreading found in Cisco Press Books. I intend to do all the lessons in the CCNP curriculum here in order to build a solid foundation on the concepts during the labs.

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Hi Brian,

Welcome! CWNA is a nice certification to have, I used to teach those courses and enjoyed them. It’s like R&S but then for wireless.

Good luck studying for CCNP. If you need any help, let us know :sunglasses: