Hello, I'm ready to tackle CCNP

Hello everyone! I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I go by Ron, and I am looking forward to learning more about what I do daily, which is Route and Switch. I passed by CCNA December 2019.

Though I passed my CCNA, I feel that my work at times is completely over my head. I am limited in what I can learn in my production environment, so I joined here to help get myself up to speed with focused training on Route and Switch while I lab at home.

I am excited to hear from other Senior Engineers and Entry-Level Engineers alike.

Hello Ron and welcome to NetworkLessons!

It’s great to have you with us. If you want to dive deeper into the inner workings of networking, then this is the place to be. We hope that the lessons you find here will give you the experience and know-how to help you in both your work environment, as well as on your certification journey.

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, you can always find us in the forum and ask your questions. We hope you find it to be a good experience here! Looking forward to seeing you on the forum!


Hello Ron,

Welcome! What you do is perfect. When you are unsure about something you face at work, lab it up at home and figure it out. You can learn anything with a home lab and there’s no pressure or stress :sunglasses:

I wish you good luck studying. If you need any help, you know where to find us!