Hi all! I´m Fred from Essen, Germany

Hello all,

I’m Fred from Essen, Germany. About 13 years ago I attended a CCNA course, but never did the certification. For about 10 years I have been working with Cisco switches and routers in the area of Layer-2 and Layer-3 in everyday life. I have already installed networks for medium-sized companies with OSPF.
I am now working in a company that relies heavily on BGP and OSPF and would like to deepen my knowledge in these areas with networklessons.com and try it out in my own lab environment with Fortinet firewalls.
At the moment I would say that I will not take a certification path, but I have noticed that Cisco wants to change the entire certification path in February, maybe it will be interesting for me then?!?
best regards,

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Hallo Fred,

Willkommen! If you need to know more about OSPF and BGP for your job, then it sounds like a good idea just to focus on this for now. If you want to do a “deep dive” of these two routing protocols, take a look at the CCIE written course:

Just look for unit 3.6 (OSPF) and unit 3.7 (BGP). Go through the lessons, lab it up yourself, and you will learn tons of stuff.

For the future, getting the certifications is not a bad idea. Maybe your current employer doesn’t mind but in case you ever want to switch jobs, it might be useful :slight_smile:

Cisco launches the new CCNA and CCNP exams in February 2020.

For now, good luck! If you need any help you know where to find us.