Hi all

Hi, i’m Jonny Nguyen and i received my CCNA R&S almost 2.5yrs ago and since then have literally fell off the bandwagon as it pertains to “Networking”. I’m a Field Engineer II and work with Cisco Data Center UCS products. I do have my CCT Datacenter, as that is also required from my employer. I use honestly 5-10% of what i learned in my CCNA R&S. As a result, 2.5yrs has gone by with my 3yr Cert expiration i’d prefer to get my CCNP R&S credentials vs retaking it. Also, to become a Network Engineer with my current employer, a minimum CCNP R&S is required. So, just wanted to say Hi and Rene, you rock man!! You make learning extremely easy… Look forward to progressing further with you guys assistance… Thanks

Hi Jonny,

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Even though you might not do much R&S at the moment, your datacenter UCS experience will be useful in the future. If you can move to a network engineer position at your current employer by doing CCNP then it sounds like a great goal to pursuit right? :slight_smile:

Good luck!