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Rene thanks for putting all this together. I’ve just started the lessons tonight and already a few of the subjects I was having issues with have been clarified for me. Thank you! I look forward to studying these lessons in the weeks and months ahead and achieve my goal of becoming a CCNP. I was looking at GNS3Vault Labs earlier. Are they updated? I downloaded the EIGRP beginner lab but when I went to console into the RT the RT was clear. Do I need to input the configs myself? I am really excited to get started on these labs! Look forward to hearing from you.

Bobby A.

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Welcome onboard :slight_smile: Glad to hear you like my work!

It’s been awhile since I worked on the GNS3Vault labs but they should still work. Normally it should load the startup configuration files automatically. If not, just copy/paste them yourself or you can take a look at the GNS3 file in notepad.

It’s possible that it can’t find the config files since you might be using different folder names.



Thanks for the quick response! I will try copying the files into the RT myself to see if that works. Do you know of any other websites that have GNS3 Labs? Ill stay in touch.


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Bobby A.

No problem Bobby.

I don’t know of any other sites, perhaps they added some to gns3.com but i’m not sure.

Ok! Thanks!


Bobby A.