Hi everyone! I am Yko from the Netherlands

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working in electronic security for many years and IT has become a major part of the job.
Just out of curiosity I wanted to learn more about networks and how stuff work from the inside.
So I started with Cisco CCNA and discovered that working with IT networks is fun.
Currently I’ve got my CCNA R/S and CCNA Security certifications.
Last year I already started with the old CCNP R/S, but after Cisco’s announcement about the new 2020 certifications I decided to go for the new CCNP certification.


Hello Yko and welcome!

I like the sound of your comment “I discovered that working with IT networks is fun.” It’s so important to do what you love, and that’s a great attitude to have as you continue your certification journey. And not to worry, much of the content in the old CCNP is still relevant and useful, so your studying did not by any means go to waste.

We wish you success in your certification endeavours and as always, you know where to find us if you need any help along the way!

Stay healthy and safe!


Welcome Yko!

Good to hear you enjoy networking :+1: :grin: The new CCNP certification is a nice track, it’s still similar to the old CCNP R&S track but also includes some modern topics like network automation.

I wish you good luck studying. We are here if you need any help!