Hi fellow engineers, Jurrian here from The Netherlands

I have recently decided to go for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. I still have a long path ahead, the amount of technology I need to know is amazing, crazy and daunting and the same time :slight_smile: Plus, I need to improve significantly on my speed within the CLI.

I am pleased to have joined Networklessons. I see it as a solid resource and also hope to find other engineers on the forum who like the nitty gritty aspects of networking and can help with questions.

Kind regards,


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Hoi Jurrian,

Welcome! :smiley:

CCIE is overwhelming. There is so much to learn.

For now, don’t worry about speed. When you are just getting started, focus on understanding the technology and make sure you create plenty of notes. When you study OSPF for a week, you’ll know a lot. When you switch to let’s say EIGRP and don’t use OSPF for a couple of weeks, you’ll forget some details.

Having notes with some short explanations in your own words and configuration snippets really helps to get back up to speed.

Once you are at the level where you will do full configuration labs, that’s when you will improve your speed.

Enjoy learning, for now, it takes time. It’s like a marathon. If you need help you know where to find us :slight_smile: