Hi from B.C Canada

Hi there, I’m Kieran and I live in British Colombia Canada. I’m 15 and learning networking and am really enjoying it. This website has really helped me in the past 3 days and has helped me understand subnetting, which a lot of my peers tell me is the hardest part.
I’m excited to continue learning networking and get into IT as a career.

Hello Kieran

It’s great to hear that you’re starting networking at your age, that’s awesome! For whatever questions you have and whatever you need, you know where to find us!


Hello Kieran,

Welcome on board! Great to see you enjoy networking at your age :sunglasses:

If you enjoy IT and networking, it will always work in your advantage when you learn a lot at your age. You’ll always have an advantage over others who start much later. I started in IT at a young age too, and it has been helpful throughout the years (I’m 36 now), so I can only encourage this :muscle: