Hi there, am from Sunnyvale, CA

I am Sreeni from Sunnyvale, California. I joined in September but I was in different project at Apple, and could not spent time in the videos in the site.
I am going to join Comcast as Embedded Systems Networking Engineer and looking forward to learn a lot from all of you.
I have reactivated my account after few months.

Hello Screeni

Great to hear from you, and it’s good to hear that you are entering a new stage in your career. We wish you success in your new position. All the lessons are at your disposal, and if you need anything along the way, you know where to find us.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the forum!


Hello Sreeni,

Welcome back! I wish you good luck with your new position and with studying. If you need any help, you know where to find us.


Hello sreenivasach,

Congrats on your new career!

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