Hi there! I am Isaac from Ghana

Who are you?
I have been in IT for 10 years, a married man with two boys.

Where are you?
I currently possess the CCNP, CCDE, CCIP (retired) and RHCSA.

What stage are you in? Are you a beginner in networking? A veteran studying for a CCIE exam?
Currently studying for my CCIE lab examination.

What’s your background? Why did you join NetworkLessons.com? Any cool stories to share?
I have a lot of study materials, however, I have unofficially used NetworkLessons.com for two years because some topics are only explained properly here so decided to signup.

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Hello Isaac,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. How’s the studying going? Do you intend to do the lab before the changes in 2020?


Hello Rene,
Studies is going well so far but need to sharpen my knowledge in some of the areas specifically IPv6 First Hop Security and EEM.
On the lab, yes I am planning on taking it before the changes in 2020.
I would also appreciate some tips for the D-Day, thanks.

Hi Isaac,

Good to hear it’s going well so far. For EEM, make sure you understand the basics how to create a simple configuration. It shouldn’t be anything complicated, something like shutting a loopback when a syslog message appears.

I wrote something when I passed the lab, it has some tips of how to approach the lab:

If you still have any questions, let me know ok?

Good luck for now!


Thank you Rene, will do that.


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